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You And Me Games Running Funny Feeling Party Card Game Kickstarter

You and Me Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Funny Feeling, their new party card game. It sounds sort of like charades, where one player on a team tries to act out an emotion or a certain role, while the others try to guess what it is they're acting out. Or sometimes you have to sing. Knowing the people I know, I might skip those singing cards... But yeah, the game's up on Kickstarter. The campaign is set to run for another 28 days.
They have an online version of the game on their website as well that you can try out.

From the campaign:

One player mimes, says or sings a card while other players in his / her team try to guess which Feeling or Role they're acting from a choice of constantly changing Roles and Feelings. With Combos there's extra fun as you act BOTH a Feeling and a Role simultaneously, so you might be a Playful Robot or a Logical Princess.