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Yokai Battle Card Game Relaunches on Kickstarter

Have you ever believed something to be true to such a state that it actually became true? Probably not so much in the form of a physical thing, anyway. If you did summon a little creature by sheer will of your beliefs or fears, you would have yourself a yokai, according to Japanese culture. If you were of particularly strong personality, you could even learn to train these creatures. Such is the place you take in Yokai Battle, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, 2-4 players are looking to conquer 5 different terrain cards. To do this, they must summon their yokai, each of whom has a different special ability, along with playing different action cards from their hand. Of course, each yokai has different terrain that it prefers, so players must often pick between putting a yokai in their favored terrain, or building up force where they might need it most.

The campaign is about 7/8 of the way to their goal with still 22 days left to go in the campaign.