Yokai Battle Card Game On Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Oct 16th, 2015

What if you had a fear or belief that was so strong that you actually willed a little creature into being? Well, in Japanese folklore, that’s what a yokai is.
Hmm… *believes really hard in a million dollars and an ’88 Monte Carlo SS just showing up next to my desk* … … … Damn… Oh well. I don’t really think that’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway.
Moving on, the yokai fought against mankind and were going to take over, but several people decided to stand up against them. They were the shamans. It’s one of these shamans, but in the modern world, that you play as in Yokai Battle.

In the game, you and the other shamans (shamen?) are looking to conquer five terrain cards by summoning your monsters onto them. Each of the 22 different monsters has different capabilities and various special abilities called “jutsu” taken from the popular beliefs of Feudal Japan.

The campaign is about 1/10 funded and still has 29 days left to go.


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  • Andrew Franke

    Is it me or has TGN pretty much become Kickstarter Indie GO GO news. I am not saying they don’t report anything else but most stories ate KS or crowdfunding related. We rarely get any RPG related news from Wizards anymore or most other publishers when new stuff releases. I would rather see pages of news than four items a day of KS.

    • Odinsgrandson

      I don’t think that reporting on Kickstarters is cutting into the other reporting that TGN does.

      Rather, I think that a lot of the gaming news is happening in Kickstarter right now (especially if the site doesn’t report rumors).

      Are you just saying that Polar Bear could write more about some of the non-KS items, and write less about KS ones?

    • I really hate when the weatherman reports really hot weather in summer, too. But if that’s what the forecast is, it’s what he reports. *shrugs*

      And honestly, any time I see this comment, it makes me think, “That really isn’t directed at the right place.” Because I’m just a reporter. I don’t decide, “I’m only going to report on Crowdfunding campaigns. To hell with everything else.” As Odinsgrandson says, “a lot of the gaming news is happening in Kickstarter right now.”

      So if you don’t want to see reports about Kickstarters, it’s very easy. Just go to each and every company that is running or is going to run a Kickstarter campaign and tell them not to. Simple. If there aren’t Kickstarters to report on, then I won’t report on them.

      Again, I don’t /make/ the news. I /report/ the news. Telling me, “I don’t want to see Kickstarters” is talking to the wrong person. You want the CEOs of every gaming company who decided to run Crowdfunding campaigns.

      Simple as that.

      • Trelink

        Hi, I get that the news is what the news is, but there are some editorial choices being made here. For example, midweek snippets and review roundup mash content into a digest form. No reason there couldn’t be a similar format to condense the kickstarters, right?

        • Trelink

          And to be clear, I’m saying this from a positive place. Longtime reader who has found minis and games on this site I otherwise never, ever would have discovered. Kromlech, Willy, Zombiesmith, Victoria Lamb, and lots of others that aren’t on the tip of my tongue. It seems like those are the outfits that benefit most from tgn. The kickstarters, well they have kickstarter to get word out.

          • boxofglitter

            TGN needs to cater to its audience, and people want to read about Kickstarters (like I do). it’s not like the tiny publishers you list above have legions of fans or even have lots of news – I think they’d be hardpressed to come up with a new release every month, let alone have news every week. Most indies with their acts together are publishing through Kickstarter first anyway, so I’d think NOT covering Kickstarter would hurt them more than help them.

          • Trelink

            Hi, the precise reason I weighed in here is because I very much consider myself part of the TGN audience. And what I’m saying is that the heavy focus on KS–particularly full stories on KS stretch goals–means that I can’t really look to TGN to be the discovery portal it used to be.

            I’m saying this to offer a bit more nuanced feedback than the typical GRAAA! KICKSTARTER BAD! posts that seem to be par for the course, given how quickly the tone in this thread ratcheted up.

            My point, and this is really more for Polar Bear than anyone else, is that TGN is more useful as a discovery tool for producers and consumers of new games and indies than it is as a machine to feed the hype around the established lines or the blockbuster Kickstarters. I’m not saying don’t announce new Kickstarters. That’s absolutely useful and there’s a way it’s unfortunate that this thread is in a smaller Kickstarter, since this Yokai Battle game is unlikely to produce a flood of stretch and unlock updates.

            When you have one of the huge CMoN Kickstarters (and to repeat, I have bought into all of these except The Others, which I passed on because I have small kids in the house and that game veers a little too close to Kingdom Death territory), there’s no shortage of coverage. There’s the launch announcement, there are the paid banners, and then (if you’ve bought in or are watching) you get the email blasts for every update and you get those same blasts replicated on the TGN site. It becomes an echo chamber and creates a huge volume of “news” which is really marketing materials spinning off of smart stretch goal structure. And the difference between discovery and repetition, to go back to Polar Bear’s earlier comment, is the core difference between an X-Wing Expansion and a KS campaign built specifically to generate daily updates. I might not know about a new X-Wing expansion just because I know about the core game, but if I know about a KS launch, there are 3-4 channels where every update and unlock will be pushed to me.

            I would also say it’s really faulty to say that only the majority audience matters or that because NO ONE CARES about indies they should not be covered. This is more reason they should be covered! This is also more at Polar Bear, but I don’t look to TGN to summarize FFG, Privateer, Spartan, and CMoN news. Those outfits all have great sites to push out their news. I look to TGN to help me find things that wouldn’t otherwise hit my radar (and this includes smaller and indie Kickstarters).

            It’s absolutely up to TGN to determine what kind of news site it wants to be and which portion of its audience it wants to serve. As a longtime reader, I come to this site as a curated discovery portal, so I’m offering feedback from that perspective.

          • Well, like I mentioned, there is an effort to sort subsequent Kickstarter announcements (beyond the launches of them) into “snippets” and “full posts.” But also as I mentioned, I’m not perfect and some days something that should be a full post is a snippet and vice-versa. There is also consideration taken into account about the frequency of posting about campaigns. As I mentioned, I do try and only post about Add-On products, as they are basically new sub-releases for a product along the lines of an expansion for a game.

            So believe me when I say that your concerns are something that I’m concerned about as well and these things are taken into consideration when sorting through the posts that go onto the site.

          • All of your responses prior to this one read like “if you don’t like it there’s the door”. Many of us from the old guard were told that a while back. People from the “if it aint broke don’t fix it” crowd were effectively told “shut up this is CMoN’s show now peasants”. The people who made this the No1 TG news site were alienated but then the friends of CMoN came and padded the replies to make it seem like everything was peachy. Between TTFix and the news section on Dakka this site has become something I just glance at to see if I missed anything. Sad really.

          • boxofglitter

            If you can take off your tinfoil hat for a second – how the hell does posting in the comments help TGN’s traffic? Is TGN even number 1? Just because people disagree with you doesn’t mean they’re conspiring against you. Like you said, if TTFix has a better feed, then it deserves to be No1. Is it? Apparently not even close – http://www.similarweb.com/website/tabletopgamingnews.com?competitors=ttfix.blogspot.com

            So it’s serving a niche which you like. Good for you that someone is prepared to do that – why are you even posting here?

          • It’s been a while since I’ve talked with Falk (the guy behind TTFix), I should contact him again. I consider him a friend. So while, yes, our websites are “enemies of one-another” in that we both cover the same sort of material, I think he’s a great guy. Note: there was no insinuation here otherwise, I just wanted to take a moment to say, “Falk’s awesome.” and cut-off any sort of perceived notion that I somehow was against him.

            As for the rest, people were removed from commenting because there were personal attacks made against others.

          • boxofglitter

            Those are good points, but I think coming from incorrect data about the skew towards Kickstarter news (which no one on the comments seems to want to acknowledge) – I agree with Polar Bear, the industry has changed dramatically. In general the companies NOT going to Kickstarter are the established ones – when’s the last time you saw a Mantic game in your FLGS?

            I don’t see TGN as being any worse for discovery than it ever was – maybe not as miniature focussed but certainly without the major gaps whenever Zac wasn’t around.

            The only thing that could be handled better would be the consolidated articles that tend to bury the lead if you don’t click through. Reviews especially from major sources I’d like to see properly linked.

            “Bored with Kickstarter” is a perfectly legitimate feeling, and sometimes I feel it too, but that’s not a TGN problem to solve I think.

          • Unfortunately, none of us are coders, nor do we play them on TV. There’s some things we’d like to do with the “aggregate” posts (Snippets, Roundups, etc) to help make them easier to navigate, but have so far been stymied by getting it to actually work out right in WordPress.

          • Trelink

            What do you mean by “incorrect data”?

            That there is no skew toward Kickstarter reporting, that the skew is overstated, or that the skew is driven entirely by industry trends?

          • Odinsgrandson

            He means that people are discussing the idea that TGN is focused on Kickstarters, rather than that TGN is following the industry focus on Kickstarter.

            A lot of the tabletop gaming news is happening on Kickstarter right now- and coverage reflects that (rather than the other way around).

        • Snippets were created in an effort to help clean up the newsfeed. In an effort to make TGN not just “copy/paste” and to give it more voice, it was decided that stories would contain more original material, written by me. Well, it was found that there were a lot of stories that are just smaller and there wasn’t much to really write about them. It’s not based on company, it’s based on subject matter. For example, today’s Snippets included a story from Privateer Press about a future update to War Room. There’s not much to say about it. So it went into Snippets.

          Full stories, which are ones that I am able to type several paragraphs on, get their own post.

          And it would be easy to decide that everything that could be grouped together, should be grouped together. It’s just deciding how that should be done. And everyone is going to have different opinions on how that should be done. “We should group all stories by Genre (so all Historicals go together and all Sci-Fi should go together and all Fantasy should go together).” Or “We should group stories by type of game! (so all Minis games should go together and all Board Games should go together and all Dice Games should go together)” or “We should group stories by type of story” (so all Previews should go together and all Crowdfunding should go together and all New Releases should go together)” Note: TGN uses a bit of a hybrid of that last one, with the Terrain, Reviews, and Podcasts. That was done because of a notice that those stories tended to draw a bigger subset of the audience.

          Look, here’s the thing. There are as many ways people could decide to run TGN as there are gamers. The fact is that, even with the large upswing in the amount of Kickstarter campaigns that are reported on (and as I stated in my original reply, that’s because More. Companies. Are. Running. Kickstarters), it’s still a relatively small percentage of the posts on TGN. For example, there were 2 stories today about Kickstarters. Yeah, just 2. From 9 individual posts today. So a touch more than 20%. Not exactly the “All TGN ever posts about are Kickstarters!” from the complaint.

          • Trelink

            Okay, so let me press the issue a little further. Why do some stretch goal unlocks make the cut as full stories? This creates an obvious volume bias as games rolling out via KS may spawn dozens of “full stories” with ongoing unlocks whereas traditional releases may get a single mention or wind up in a digest.

            Again, I’m asking this as a consumer of both KS launches and traditional games. But as a reader of TGN, I’m saying I get more utility from the first mention of an otherwise unknown Blood Bowl alt team scuplt than I do from hearing about how the new Zombicide expansion is about to unlock a fourteenth optional colored dice buy. (And I write this having bought my share of zombicide.)

          • There is an effort made so that when a story about a stretch goal is announced, it is evaluated as to whether it is made into a “full story vs. a Snippet.” I’m not perfect, so I’m sure you and I could go back through campaigns and find stories that I could look at now and go, “Yeah, that one didn’t really need its own post.” So yeah, “New color of dice!” really doesn’t need its own story. I will agree with you there.

            So what sort of stretch goal /does/ qualify as its own story? To me: That’s new Add-Ons. Because if you think about it for a minute, a new add-on is really just a new product being offered for purchase. There really isn’t a difference between an Add-On and an Expansion. So, when FFG comes out with a new set of packs for, say, X-Wing, for example, that’s really no different than The Others having a new set of Heroes made available.

            And again, it all comes down to what was written about the piece and whether I feel that can turn into a full story or not. And yes, there is some taking into account of whether I think people will want to look at it or not. I’m /constantly/ looking at what stories do and do not get views. If I see certain story types aren’t getting views, that means you, the readers, don’t care about it as much. Some of you certainly still do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why I don’t just discard the story. That would be ridiculous and unfair. But some things get shuffled around a bit in order to put the news that people want where they can find it easiest.

      • Andrew Franke

        Okay well, that wasn’t snarky at all. It is directed at EXACTLY the right place because as I mentioned I haven’t seen anything about a release for any RPG’s which are Tabletop games in forever especially by Wizards of The Coast. If a stretch goal is news then a New Module for 5th edition is NEWS and it isn’t like that news is hard to find.

        I am sorry but that comment about hot weather in the Summer pissed me off. TGN before crowd funding had plenty of news items.. Your average news day is 5-7 items mostly crowdfunding at best and sometimes just snippets.

        I am sorry you don’t take a constructive observation well. If you read what I said I was asking about a trend and asking if it was just me. Reading the comments I can see it isn’t just me. If you want people to help report news stories to you then you should ask for more people to report what they see.

        Since it seems you think I am just complaining I will be happy to send you what I think are good announcements and if they are worth putting on the page you will have something you didn’t have. I believe in helping not tearing down. I love the TGN community and have used this as my homepage for years.

        • “Your average news day is 5-7 items mostly crowdfunding at best and sometimes just snippets.”

          That just is not true at all, sir. Not true at all. And I think that if you research those numbers, you will see how much that is not the case. Unless you’re using that statement as hyperbole.

          • Andrew Franke

            You sir are probably right. I was a little angry and on pain meds when I wrote that. My apologies. I do want to help and will look for stories as I am semi retired(Disabled) for the moment. I truly meant it when I said I want to help not hinder. TGN is my homepage maybe I can send you an email and we can discuss the type of item you are looking for that is news.

        • boxofglitter

          Can’t please everybody – and of course you’re wrong about the news items being mostly crowdfunding. But the fact that you only notice the crowdfunding ones should tell you everything you need to know. Crowdfunding is INTERESTING, even to those people (like you) that don’t like it. You must kinda glaze over the rest of the 70% to 80% of the non-CF articles when you read TGN, or else you’re not reading the same TGN I am.

          And I recall TGN almost exclusively covered miniature games only before the current management took over – there were a lot of old farts who left in a huff too when all these new fangled boardgames started dominating the news feed. Times change, news sites have to report NEWS to stay relevant.

          • Andrew Franke

            TGN did cover a great deal of miniatures under previous ownership and there were changes. I don’t remember people leaving in a huff. I just remember some people not being happy that it wasn’t mostly Historical Miniatures being covered anymore. I like the new direction. Crowdfunding is interesting, I was just saying it seemed like the site had the same number of stories but now were more CF focused. I am happy to be proved wrong Mr. Glitter.

            However don’t be prejudiced and label me a THOSE PEOPLE. First you don’t know me and have no idea what my motivations are. Second you have no idea how long I have been a TGN reader which is very very long time. Don’t tell me what I must do and make assumptions.

            I again wanted only to help. I am not here to stand on my band box and say TGN is awful don’t go there for the news. If that was my purpose I have a blog that I could have used and a couple of columns. I am not that kind of person.

          • I left in a huff but the moderation staff kept deleting my comments that voiced the fact that I didn’t like the new directions. I skim through every now and then, wading through the KS, video game, card game, reviews, and other stuff. I’ve been hitting up TTFix for what I used to enjoy from here.

          • boxofglitter

            My apologies if I implicitly lumped you in with the “TGN sucks” crowd. However, I don’t see where I’m telling you what to do. I only mentioned that your perception isn’t accurate; that there are significantly more KS news items than any others (the opposite is true).

            I’m glad we agree that CF is interesting – I mean, it seems like indie releases not on CF are exceptions rather than the rule today. That’s just the nature of the new paradigm we’re in. On the one hand, I like having all these cool new toys, but I also miss just seeing that something is released and getting it straightaway.

          • Old fart? How about the people who financed the old TGN. The people who made TGN a name that actually meant something. This site is not relevant for me anymore. I get more TG news from Dakka and TTFix. In most cases, this site doesn’t bother posting news from small publishers, boutique shops, or anything that isn’t trendy. Grow a braincell before you reply.

          • boxofglitter

            Who cares? TGN has a new readership now – there’s a reason stuff is trendy, it’s because it’s popular. I don’t see how appealing to FEWER people helps TGN, only you.