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Yokai Battle Card Game On Kickstarter

What if you had a fear or belief that was so strong that you actually willed a little creature into being? Well, in Japanese folklore, that's what a yokai is.
Hmm... *believes really hard in a million dollars and an '88 Monte Carlo SS just showing up next to my desk* ... ... ... Damn... Oh well. I don't really think that's how it's supposed to work, anyway.
Moving on, the yokai fought against mankind and were going to take over, but several people decided to stand up against them. They were the shamans. It's one of these shamans, but in the modern world, that you play as in Yokai Battle.

In the game, you and the other shamans (shamen?) are looking to conquer five terrain cards by summoning your monsters onto them. Each of the 22 different monsters has different capabilities and various special abilities called "jutsu" taken from the popular beliefs of Feudal Japan.

The campaign is about 1/10 funded and still has 29 days left to go.