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Yodelgames Bringing Austrian Card Game Renown To Kickstarter

Games are played all over the world (duh). So, of course, there's games that we here in the English-speaking world have never gotten a chance to play. One such game is called Schnapsen, a traditional card game from Austria. Well, Yodelgames is looking to bring that game back in a new form as Renown. They'll be launching a Kickstarter in order to get it funded, but before that, they're looking to get the word out about it.

From the website:

This competetive cardgame is about the relentless fight between you and your best friends, or enemies (I have no idea with whom you going to play this game). In this ultimate battle the four most gruesome, nauseous, but somehow still loveable races are facing each other: The forsaken Humfrogs, the incestuous, Schnaps loving Shiners, the bloodthirsty Ogres and the greedy Goblins. The games objective is to humiliate and destroy your enemies and to laugh at them in the end.

Renown brings back a traditional Austrian card game, but it's modernized with a lot of modifications, action and player interaction. The original game is still played in Austria, but it is getting more and more forgotten. Decades ago there were many tournaments and in almost every bar it was played. It is called “Schnapsen”, probably because the winner was rewarded with a shot of schnapps.