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Yashima on The Escapist

The Escapist takes a look at Yashima, the new fantasy miniatures game from Greenbrier Games.



From the article:

Potent warriors empowered by ancient spirits and gods, each a trained disciple of their respective martial art, contest to see whose abilities are greatest. That's the pitch for Yashima: Legend of the Kami Masters, the latest from Greenbrier Games and now funding on Kickstarter. It's a miniatures Skirmish game calibrated for two to four player free-for-alls, incorporating quick and easy to understand card-driven mechanics with tactical positioning. The design goal for the game was to avoid the common pitfalls of unfun player elimination and extended game time, and in the hour-long demo time I had with the game that was completely true. See, in Yashima, defeat is just the beginning of your battle - though the game only continues until one player is undefeated.