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Y.F.T. Design Studio Launches

Y.F.T. Design Studio is a new company that has the feel of an old company. Why does it have that feel? Because it's the new stage for the people from Nexus Miniatures. They're open for business now, including all of Nexus Miniatures' old lines (since Nexus is a part of Y.F.T. now), but have a lot of new things on the horizon as well.

From the announcement:

Nexus Miniatures has changed, this is forward planning really (and down to a little legal advice, and yes - it is kind of linked to the hassles I've had).

Y.F.T. Design Studio (short for Yesterdays Future Today), will still be producing rad miniatures (and rules, game profiles, and fiction) and Nexus Miniatures still exists, but as a specific part of Y.F.T. Design Studios ranges.