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Xyston Miniatures releases King Porus

Xyston Miniatures posted their King Prous Personality Pack up on their website. There's both "on elephant" and "on foot" available.


From the release:

In our previous newsletter we previewed King Porus on elephant, which is now available in our web shop. ANC20303 – King Porus Personality Pack includes: King Porus on Elephant and King Porus on foot. Yes, Porus is huge, not it’s not a mistake or scale creep, he was documented as being a very tall person (around 2m height).

Remember about our lottery! At 30th September we will draw one of our newsletter subscribers who will win a FREE King Porus on elephant, painted by Jon Shields. Please share this information with your friends so they can also take part. Read more information about our lottery on forum.