Xtreme Grind League rules coming soon

Privateer Press have announced the upcoming release of league rules for their Grind steampunk board game.

From their website:?

You’ve taken powerful steamjacks to the metal-plated floors of the Destructodome, pitting them against the steam-belching competition and the very arena itself. You’ve proven you’ve got the metal. Now it’s time to step up the adrenaline-soaked action again with the Xtreme Grind League.

Assemble your team, recruit your crew, and compete to earn precious metal and valuable sponsors in the race to become the XGL Champion. Use your winnings to upgrade your team’s weapons and cortexes, purchase new steamjacks, and keep your team running at peak efficiency.

Get ready to pound the competition to scrap—the free Xtreme Grind League rules drop 3/1/2010.