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Xia posts final stretch goals, previews 3D render of metal credit piece on Kickstarter

Far Off Games has just over a week left on Kickstarter. They've posted up what they feel will be their final stretch goals as well as posted a preview 3D render of the metal credit pieces they hope to fund.

From the update:

Xia has surpassed 200K and 2,000 backers. It has unlocked:
2 Additional Sector Tiles
6 Additional Ships
Metal Credit counters

Development Kit:

They are including a Dev Kit at the Sellsword pledge level. This includes 3 Sector tiles with a star field in the background, 3 ship stands and a set of blank outfits. They will also release the files for the card templates so you can create your own missions, ship cards, special ability cards, etc. The Xia team is trying to make the game open source and create a community so everyone can share their ideas and files and provide information on how to get them professionally printed.

New Stretch Goals are:

$210,000 Molded Plastic Box Insert
$225,000 Linen Embossed Punchboard
$235,000 Add "Lore" section to Rulebook