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Xia: Legend of a Drift System Kickstarter fully funded; Stretch Goals next

Far Off Games has made it to their funding goal over on Kickstarter. So it's stretch goals from here on out for the next 18 days.

From the update:

Hey backers!

I can't believe you guys! You REALLY REALLY knocked it out of the park! I am so incredibly overwhelmed by your support! Thank you so much for being a part of Xia!!

It is such a surreal feeling to have something I've worked on so long actually be coming into reality. My wife kept telling me "Your game is going to be played by people AROUND THE WORLD!" and I just can't believe it!


I honestly felt that this would be a long hard campaign, that we would either just barely scrape by in the last hours, or fail miserably. There were many detractors, in the first day the Kickstarter was live people were saying that this was impossible. They said there was no way to reach such a high goal and they were already giving advice about how to "fix" Xia.

But you showed them! You REALLY showed them! We are funded with more than HALF the time remaining! It's all you! I couldn't do any of this by myself, I am so very thankful to you my backers for getting us where we are today!

Thank you, thank you so much!

Cheers, -Cody