XenoShyft’s Shifter preview

XenoShyft gives us a look at a new piece of card art in this preview.



From the preview:


Of the numerous and varied offshoots of “The Hive” the Shifter has proven to be one of the deadliest. Initial reports show that this genus has developed highly intricate camouflage capabilities which give it the ability to seemingly disappear into any environment.

Worse yet, reports from the field note the creature specializes in infiltration tactics, always striking from the rear or attacking our troop’s flanks. We believe, however, this tactic is carried over more from instinctual habits of whatever creature this particular breed evolved from rather than actual battlefield intellect.

It is worth noting, however, that should the opposite be true, and these attacks be found to be meticulous and/or plotting then our tactics against The Hive must be swiftly re-evaluated.

-Science Division, Initial Report on Classification “Shifter”