XenoShyft panel discussion

Here we are with the XenoShyft panel discussion.

As before I’ll be updating this thread as we go along.
So let’s ride!

We’re here with Curtis, Leif, David and Mike, the developers of the game.

The game is a cooperative deck builder.
The object is to survive 9 rounds. Not destroy everything, or beat your opponents, but just to live.

“It’s a hard game. I want you to feel like taking a victory lap when you win.”

We want it to be a team effort. Cards you buy can go into other lanes to save their ass.

Each player plays a different aspect of NorTech military. Someone is the science lab, or command, or the med lab or barracks or so forth.

Very community based, as everyone is interacting with one another over the course of the game.

It’s a lot like a tower defense game, but with deck building elements.

There’s armor and other equipment that has changed the game from the original form.

Original versions were much flatter. Much has been added to create interactions between aliens and the players.

The game is made for 1-4 players. Each time you add a player, the base gets more HP so it scales easily.

Communication is certainly key, as you’ll never succeed that way. Every choice you make can have repercussions at the end of the game.

There are several ways the refine your deck your deck as the game progresses.

Random resource pool. There are some determined by the type of Lane you are playing, but most are randomly determined. So every game will be different.

Expansions will be able to add new resources or even the alien type (killer robots or whatever) to mix things up. Even maybe the Hive as the players!

There are several cards that have been created one way, but by playing with it, other forms of use have come out. We want to make sure that the cards create a sense of fair play between players.

There is a lot of debate as players go through their turns, since the sequential nature means there is never a clear “one right path” to win the game.

Kickstarter next Friday.
Playmat, 475 cards, HP tracker for base, fold-out lane boards.
MSRP of 60.
A model of an Ajax battle suit as a first-player token.

We want the game to be thematically stunning. We want a cohesive look. One artist for the marines and another for the aliens.
Art is very key to the overall feel of the game.
Possible art book on the kickstarter.

A consolidation of IP. XenoShyft takes place in the Dark Age universe, before the great collapse seen in that game.
Possible crossovers in the games.
Hive minis in Dark Agr? Eventually?

Want to make the best game we can.

We actually put a lot of effort into packaging so that everything is snug, even with sleeved cards.
Individual slots for different card types and individual resources.