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XenoShyft: Onslaught Now On Steam Greenlight

For those of you that like to play your various games digitally, Steam is a great resource. One of the things on Steam is Steam Greenlight. These are games that will hopefully be coming to Steam, but aren't quite there yet. In order for it to be there, you gotta vote for it. Well, CoolMiniOrNot's deck-building game, XenoShyft has the digital version there and they're looking for you to go vote it into existence.

For those that might not know, XenoShyft puts you in charge of the NorTec forces looking to extract valuable elements from the planet. However, the various fauna are looking for those same materials, and they're not going to let some puny humans and their bases get in their way. Each round, as you collect more Xenosathem, more and more dangerous aliens come looking for it. It's up to you to defend the base from attack. Recruit and upgrade your soldiers, working cooperatively in your goal to make it off the planet alive with your precious cargo.

So if you want to see the game on Steam, go vote for it now.