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XenoShyft Now Available On Steam

Sometimes you find yourself with some extra time on your hands that you might not have expected and you want to game. Unfortunately, you might not have thought to bring any games with you. Or you're in a place where it's not really feasible to pull out a board game and start playing. That's where mobile versions of games come in. CMON is happy to announce that their critically-acclaimed deckbuilding game, XenoShyft, is now available on Steam.

The version you can get on Steam includes cross-platform gameplay. So you don't have to worry about everyone having the same brand of phone/tablet in order to play together. The game is the same as you enjoy (or more likely, watch crush you to dust, but in a good way) on the tabletop, with fully-cooperative play, as well as solo play.

The game also has several expansions also available for download. There's the NorTec Elite Expansion, the Grafting Lab expansion, the Psychogenics Lab Expansion, and the Hive Expansion. You can get them separately or together for a special price.