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XenoShyft: Immolation Expansion Added to Dreadmire Kickstarter

Even though temperatures are dropping here in the Eastern part of the US, things are certainly heating up over on the XenoShyft: Dreamire Kickstarter campaign. The NorTec Corporation isn't looking to just get Xenosathem from one or two planets. Anywhere they can find this valuable resource, they're going to go after it, no matter what sort of hellish conditions may exist on the planet it is found on. And "hellish" is certainly the right term for this next planet. How about a little fire, Scarecrow?

This new expansion brings over 150 new cards to your XenoShyft games (52 each of Wave 1-3 enemies, 3 emergency supplies cards, 12 full-art bosses (exclusive to the Kickstarter)). With new environments and new enemies comes new game mechanics. In this case, it's the Fire Tracker card. The new planet is full of Cinderkin who have evolved thinking that fire's just a mild nuisance at most. In fact, having more of it around can make them even more powerful. "Firepower" takes on a whole new meaning. As the amount of Fire grows, so does the power level of the Cinderkin.

The new expansion isn't a full set on its own. You combine it with either Dreadmire or Onslaught (or both!) in order to play. The expansion is a $25 add-on to the current Kickstarter campaign.

The Dreadmire campaign keeps chugging along with still 11 days left to go.