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Xenofaction stretch goal met before being funded

Theory 12 Games has been talking with their manufacturer and as a result, they're able to add their first stretch goal into their primary funding level for their Xenofaction game.


From the update:

Ok so here's the deal. We were able to work out a deal with our manufacturers and it is now cost efficient for us to include 9 races in the standard Xenofaction game. We are marking that stretch goal as achieved once we reach our initial funded goal of $10,000. That's it, we just have to hit our base level goal and you get 9 playable races to start! We moved the descriptions for these 3 extra races to the section with the rest of the normally included races, as well the Xenofaction game contents have been updated.

Ok one last part to make this even better. Since those extra funds are not needed to go towards more manufacturing costs, we are able to lower the $15,000 stretch goal for full illustration down to $13,500!!!! Yeah huge news, so lets make this happen.

We are so close so it's time to get excited, because we are.