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X-Men Team Previewed For Marvel Universe Miniatures Game

It's been a bit, but we've got another preview for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. This time around we get a peek at the last starter box, the X-Men. Because when you think Marvel, you think Mutants (or at least I do, but that's me). They didn't ask to be super heroes, they were just born this way. Let's take a look.

As one would expect, the team is led by Cyclops. His powerful eye-beams can cause all sorts of damage at range, while his leadership abilities boost the power of his team. After that is a general fan-favorite, Wolverine. Everyone knows about his adamantium claws, skeleton, and healing factor, which means he can both dish it out and take it. After that is Colossus. He's the real man of steel, with the biceps to back it up. Watch him as he's able to throw his teammates around using the Fastball Special. Finally is Rogue. This Southern Belle is able to fly and can has her own hard-hitting punch. Of course, she can also damage enemies by draining their power from them, a very handy ability, indeed.

There we have it. Which starter set do you think you'll be getting first?