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Wyrd's Malifaux App Now Available

Having an app to help you play your miniatures games is nice. You can have all your cards, as well as your opponent's cards, right at your finger tips. Need to look up a rule? That's usually on there, too. Keep track of wounds and abilities used. It's got a lot going on. That's where Wyrd's at with their new Malifaux app. You can get it now.

From the announcement:


We are excited to announce the launch of our Malifaux app! This app gives players a chance to track their collection, share Crews, and more!

It's never been easier to track your Malifaux collection. This app brings a clean, easy-to-read list of every model in Malifaux.

You can quickly build different Crews, which can be shared by copying the information to your clipboard or by using a QR code, allowing all of your Crews to be shared in a matter of moments.

Finally, the app lets you start an Encounter with any Crews: yours or one you scan in via a QR code, letting you view all the models, Strategies, and Schemes.