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Wyrd's Iron Painter Competition Happening Now

Most painting competitions out there have you paint up a single piece and submit it as your entry. Wyrd's Iron Painter is like that... kinda, except for the fact that you're doing that multiple times in a row, each time with a new piece that has to be better than the last one if you want to advance on. It's painting at your highest level consistently over the course of the competition. Not many can hack it (I certainly can't!). But if you think you can, now's your chance to enter.

From the announcement:

Hey Wyrdos! Today begins one of the most exciting painting competitions of the year: Iron Painter.

What is the Iron Painter? The Iron Painter is a multi-round online painting contest conducted by Wyrd Miniatures. It is a long, grueling competition where painters will be tasked with continuously producing a series of painted models within tight timelines. It is not a competition for the faint of heart (or brush).

In order to sign up, head over to our forums and it will have all the directions you need!