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Wyrd's Easter Sale Happening Now

Wyrd Games has an Easter Sale running this week only. You can get yourself a new War Wabbit from their webshop. They also have specials going on where you get a free mini if you spend either $100 or $200 for the week. There's also a bunch of box sets that are in various special colors of resin. The sale lasts until the 8th.

From the announcement:

Get your special Easter Edition of the War Pig! This cute lil wabbit comes with Easter eggs and Gremlin riders, and most definitely does not have a vicious streak a mile wide. Neither is it a killer. Honest.

Spend $100 to receive an Alternative Kaeris with your order.

Spend $200 to receive a Special Performer with your order, in addition to Kaeris.

Extra models will be added onto your order automatically when you place an order of $100 or $200 before shipping during the Sale period. Special models will not appear in your cart, but will be added when we box up your order.

•WYR21025 - Vengeful Spirits
Translucent Lime - $55.00

•WYR21026 - Vengeful Spirits
Lime Dayglow - $55.00

•WYR21027 - Hide & Seek
Translucent Pink - $60.00

•WYR21028 - Hide & Seek
Pink Dayglow - $60.00

•WYR21005 - No Shelter Here
Dayglow Green - $50.00

•WYR21008 - No Shelter Here
Green Transparent - $50.00

•WYR21007 - Children of December
Blue Transparent - $50.00

•WYR21006 - Nightmare Edition Herald of Obliteration
Smoke - $90.00

•WYR21029 - Nightmare Whiskey Golem
Translucent Root Beer - $70.00