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Wyrd's April Newsletter Posted

When you want to keep up with what a company's doing, it's helpful if they have some sort of concentrated place where you can find all such info. A newsletter's a good place to start, and Wyrd does one monthly. Their April one is up now, and you can check out what releases they've got in store for Malifaux, as well as some news about War of the Spirits, and Through the Breach.

From the post:


It’s time again to give you all the monthly dose of all things Wyrd! After getting back from Adepticon and meeting a bunch of you fine folks, we’ve been super busy ramping up a few projects on our end for the upcoming con season. If you didn’t have the chance to catch us at Adepticon, we hope to see you at another con sometime in the near future.

This month’s newsletter covers War of the Spirits (the Darkness Comes Rattling expansion), April’s Chronicles, the Through the Breach campaign, the Creature Feature painting contest, and a game designer position that just opened up!