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Wyrd Seeks Miniatures Game Designer

Well, one of the "dream job" openings that you don't see often in the gaming world has become available. Wyrd is looking for a miniatures game designer to add to their team. Do you think you have what it takes to work with one of the leading miniatures games out on the market? If so, get your resume together and apply now.

From the job listing:

Primary Job Duties

Work on future game releases, including but not limited to working on rules, writing, editing, and assisting in component design. A lot of this work would be focused on our miniatures lines: Malifaux and The Other Side.
Support our current games by creating new content, proofreading, and layout.
Interacting with the game community and developing an understanding of our customers’ wants, wishes, and concerns.
Assist at conventions and trade shows, including set up, demos, customer service, and breakdown.
Other duties, as assigned, to assist in the office and warehouse, as needed.


Understanding of a variety of game styles and mechanics including: miniatures, RPG, card, and board games.
The ability to identify what makes a game fun while also understanding what makes it work.
Proven ability to write clearly and correctly, work independently as well as in teams, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively with a variety of audiences.
A strong candidate will be very familiar with Malifaux. Successful game design experience is a bonus.