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Wyrd Running Femme Fatale Painting Contest

Wyrd Games is known for running various painting contests throughout the year. They've launched another one over on their website. If you're a pro at slinging the colored goo around, you might just want to check it out. You could win some Wyrd store credit for yourself.

From the announcement:

Today begins our painting contest Femme Fatale! A few reminders as we begin.

- In order to maintain anonymity the miniature cannot have been displayed in any forum elsewhere on the internet or published mediums such as magazines. All contest entries will be displayed anonymously so as to give no one person an unfair advantage (this isn’t a popularity contest) and thus there can be no signatures or watermarks upon them. This includes naming the photo or file. No announcing on forums, webpage, blogs or any other type of medium about the type of miniature that you will be painting, nor concept or WIP photos.

- The model must remain in theme! This means the lethal and alluring ladies of the miniatures world! The figures must be clearly female, and clearly humanoid. Elves, dwarves, cybernetically enhanced mutants are all fine as long as they follow the female and humanoid rules. If you have questions PM me (Kai) here on the forums and I will let you know the final ruling. If the model does not fall in theme, it will be removed from the contest.

- You must follow all the rules as outlined by the Wyrd Painting Contest Rules. The rules can be found here. Again questions should be directed to me (Kai).

- Submissions begin today July 3rd, and run until midnight July 23rd. Any submissions made AFTER Midnight July 23rd will not be considered as a part of the contest.

- Voting will begin on July 24th and end on July 26th. Voting is done by the community. The contestants are kept anonymous in order to make the process as fair as possible.

- Winners will be announced on July 31.