Wyrd Releases Alt. Lazarus Mini

I love alternate sculpts for minis. Even with some small modding, armies in a minis game can potentially look a bit samey. A great way around that is alternate sculpts for figures. Because unless you're a pro sculptor, you might do a few cuts here and there, but it's not anywhere near what a company can do with all their resources behind making a mini. Well, Wyrd has released a new Alt. Lazarus model. But you can't just pick it up in their webshop. Nope, they make you work for it (in a good way).

From the announcement:

You have been waiting. You have been asking. You have been begging. Finally we are glad to announce that Alt Lazarus is available! You may be asking yourself "How can I get a hold of this magnificent piece of plastic?!?". Well, the answer is Guilders! Head on over to the Guilder store and follow the steps!