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Wyrd previews the upcoming plastic Ten Thunders

Wyrd has some more Malifaux previews as they continue giving us a look at their new plastic line. This group is for the upcoming Ten Thunders.

From the preview:

Next up, the Ten Thunders.

Note: The Misaki box set may not be available at Gencon, but will be available online during Gencon. This is due to a tight deadline and shipping on this and while we're doing everything we can to get it there in time, it is possible it won't arrive until we're already at Gencon and away from the warehouse.

WYR5078 - $21 - Oiran (3 pack)
WYR8001 - $35 - The Thunder Box Set
WYR8002 - $21 - Ten Thunders Archers (3 pack)
WYR8003 - $11 - Yamaziko