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Wyrd Previews The Dreadnaught For The Other Side

Friday afternoon is here. And as we get ready for the glory that is the weekend, we've got one more story for you today. We would be remiss to not give you your regular Friday The Other Side preview, complements of Wyrd. This time around, it's the Dreadnaught, titan of the Abyssinian army.

From the preview:

Happy Friday Wyrdos! We are continuing our trend of looking at some of the coolest models of The Other Side, the Titans. Today we preview the might of the Abyssinian army, the Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought embodies the Abyssinian design philosophy. Its three-legged design allows it to easily cross any sort of terrain, including the rocky regions of southern Abyssinia. It can even raise or lower itself to allow its operators to see past obstacles or hide behind cover. Similarly, its weaponry is relatively simple, which makes the Titan easy to manufacture (though they are sometimes equipped with experimental weaponry the empire's scientists wish to test out).