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Wyrd Previews The Broken For The Other Side

Fridays are pretty damn good all on their own. But then Wyrd has to go and make them even better with their regular previews. This week, we get another The Other Side one. It's The Broken for the Cult of the Burning Man (always kinda wanted to go to that). See what they'll be bringing to the party.

From the preview:

Almost every member of the Cult of the Burning Man began their twisted worship as one of the Broken. People who had experienced significant trauma in their lives were particularly receptive to the call of the Burning Man, and their first act is often one of intense violence against their loved ones. The Broken tend to gather in large groups, rambling their madness to one another and gathering up whatever impromptu weapons they can find. Over time, chaos and violence thin out their numbers, some progressing deeper into the Cult while others are killed. Fortunately, there is never any shortage of madmen to replenish their ranks.