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Wyrd Previews Soulstone Aficionado

Humans love shiny rocks. Gold. Silver. Diamonds. Any sort of gemstone. They were all just shiny rocks that people decided were worth something. Soulstones, however, have more than just "shiny rock" value. They also hold great power. And few are able to appraise and evaluate these rocks more than the Soulstone Aficionado. Check out this pursuit for Through the Breach in Wyrd's Monday Preveiw.

From the post:

The Soulstone Aficionado is an advanced pursuit from Above the Law that focuses on expanding the use of Soulstones. Aficionados increase the range at which their Soulstones gain charges from dying characters, and each time they complete a step of the advanced pursuit, one of their allies gives them a raw, uncut Soulstone. The more charming the character is, the higher the Soulstone's Lade.