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Wyrd Previews Prince Unathi for The Other Side

Fridays are pretty awesome already. But throw in that Wyrd is regularly showing off art and renders for The Other Side and man... it's hard to beat Friday in terms of awesome. This week, we get a look at the Abyssian faction with a peek at Prince Unathi.

From the preview:

Prince Unathi Zerezghi is the next in line for the Abyssinian dynasty. Like all Abyssinian rulers, he sees leadership as a privilege that must be earned. The undercurrent of growing conflict in the world led him to join the Abyssinian armed services, and, given the outbreak of global war, it seems he made a wise choice.

Prince Unathi is a calculating commander, and he believes strongly in the ability of Abyssinian technology to overcome any obstacle. He puts this to test on the battlefield by asking those under his command to run field tests on various pieces of experimental equipment that might better help the Abyssinian forces as a whole.