Wyrd Previews Immolated Rhino For The Other Side

If you were to think of a rhino that would belong to the Cult of the Burning Man, you would probably think that said rhino would be on fire or somesuch. Makes perfect sense. That kinda seems like that’s what they’re getting. In today’s The Other Side preview from Wyrd, we get a look at the Immolated Rhino.

From the post:

It’s not just humanity that has been touched by the corrupting magic of the Burning Man. Many Earth animals have also been warped by its effects, but none more so than the rhino. This unexplained phenomenon caused a panic in the zoos of San Francisco and London, as the transformed rhinos were granted increased strength and intelligence by the same process that transformed their bellies into searing furnaces. Once a rhino becomes magically corrupted, it seeks out conflict in an effort to cause as much destruction as it can.