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Wyrd Previews Ghost Eater Artwork

Along with getting back into the office and the Terrain Corner, Mondays also have a Wyrd preview. Well, we sometimes also have weird previews, but that's beside the point. Anyway, we get a look at the artwork for the Ghost Eater for Through the Breach.

Fated characters will be able to go after this Persuit if they so choose (that might seem redundant, but it isn't). Obviously, being named a "Ghost Eater," they do better if people around them are dying (I wonder how many calories a ghost has... Probably not much fiber... Low in cholesterol... No saturated fat... Are you hungry again an hour later?... Are fat people's ghosts more filling?...). Anyway, by eating these ghosts, they are able to manifest different powers in the game. Through the page you can go get a little preview of the rules.