Wyrd Previews Egg Clutch For The Other Side

Tomorrow, I’m going to be boiling up several dozen eggs to eat mostly on the following day. I’m not only cooking the eggs because it’s tradition, but because I don’t like the flavor of raw egg, and it’s not very safe to eat that way. I mean, looking at the preview for The Other Side we’ve got today, I might just make double-sure they’re done. Check out the Egg Clutch.

From the post:

What can be said about a pile of eggs? The Gibbering Hordes reproduce almost exclusively through the laying of eggs, and since their appearance on Earth, more and more of these Egg Clutches are being discovered in the dark and damp places of the world. Which species an egg will hatch into is a mystery that humans have yet to unravel, though the odds tend to favor Karkinoi or Crawlers, as the former lay a high number of eggs and the later are simply very numerous. The fact that many eggs end up as food for other species is one of the few things that have kept the numbers of the Hordes at least somewhat in check back on Malifaux.