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Wyrd Previews Barbed Crawlers For The Other Side

Fridays are a magical time. They're the gateway to the weekend, giving us a bit of freedom at the end of the work day. Fridays are also magical because Wyrd likes to give us regular previews. In this case, it's a bit of a spiny preview for The Other Side. Have yourself a look at the Barbed Crawlers.

From the post:

Happy Friday Wyrdos! This week as we take a peek at the Other Side we find ourselves eye to eye with the Barbed Crawler. Let's take a look at them!

At the bottom of the Gibbering Hordes food chain lie the Crawlers. The second most common species (if they can be called a distinct species, given their penchant for mutation) are the Barbed Crawlers. In Malifaux's oceans, these creatures swam in the shallows, launching toxic barbs from their bodies to kill their prey. Now they roam the lands and seas of Earth, looking for food and new lairs to lay their eggs.