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Wyrd Posts up their Early Summer Release Schedule

Wyrd Games lets us know what their releases are going to be for the next couple months. They've got their Malifaux releases posted (3 for March, 7 for April, 8 for May, 7 for June).
Later this summer, they'll have Darkness Comes Rattling, their new cooperative board game in the Malifaux world.
There's also a new book for Through the Breach to look forward to.

From the announcement:

ew Releases

Out This Month

WYR20221 Ashigaru (3 Pack) - $21
WYR20420 Nekima - $25
WYR20521 Abominations (4 Pack) - $24

April Releases

WYR20322 Troubleshooters: Ironside Crew - $45
WYR20520 Herald of Obliteration: Tara Crew - $45
WYR20222 Rogue Necromancy - $35
WYR20522 Desolation Engine - $30
WYR20603 Whiskey Golem - $35
WYR20617 Merris Lacroix - $16
WYR20709 Katanaka Sniper (2 Pack) - $18

May Releases

WYR20207 Take Back the Night: Molly Crew - $45
WYR20615 Closing Time: Brewmaster Crew - $45
WYR20114 Peacekeeper - $35
WYR20119 Ryle - $15
WYR20323 Oxfordian Mages (3 Pack) - $24
WYR20324 Mechanical Rider - $35
WYR20513 Johan - $11
WYR20523 Void Wretches (3 Pack) - $21

June Releases

WYR20409 Master of Puppets: Collodi Crew - $50
WYR20111 Austringers (2 Pack) - $21
WYR20120 Pale Rider - $35
WYR20215 Necropunks (3 Pack) - $21
WYR20223 Crooligans (3 Pack) - $21
WYR20422 Widow Weaver - $11
WYR20616 Moonshinobi (3 Pack) - $21

Coming This Summer

Darkness Comes Rattling is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players that follows the story of the Tribes of Man in their quest to save the world from corruption and Darkness. Each player will guide a mighty warrior and traverse a world of shadows, spirits and other dangers as they combat the coming night. Will you make the ultimate sacrifice? Will you become a mighty warrior, able to fight off corruption? Do you have what it takes to face the Darkness

WYR11009 - Darkness Comes Rattling

Also Coming This Summer

Into the Steam takes you north of the city of Malifaux into new adventures. This book expands on the options presented in the Fated Almanac, allowing players access to rare magics and new technologies. Find new options for character creation, including the ability to play as a sentient machine. Discover new Pursuits that allow you to navigate the lands of the Arcanists. And through it all, prepare for the new hazards you'll find outside the city of Malifaux.

Are you ready to forge yourself anew in the conflicts of the north? Are you ready to venture Into the Steam?

WYR30104 - Into The Steam - $45

Northern Aggression is the next of our Penny Dreadfuls for Through the Breach. It details a sprawling epic adventure through the towns and wilds north of the city of Malifaux.

WYR30202 - Northern Aggression - $20