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Wyrd Posts Up New Previews for Through the Breach and Malifaux

Seems the guys and gals over at Wyrd have been really busy bees lately. They've got a whole bunch of new previews up on their site to check out. There's something for everyone who likes Wyrd products. There's some new Malifaux releases on the horizon. They've also got a new expansion book for Through the Breach. Finally, there's a new board game they'll have out later this year.

Starting out with Malifaux, if you've been thinking of getting into the game with a friend, but haven't quite figured a good entry point, we've got you covered. There's going to be a new two-player starter set coming out. It'll have everything you need. There's two crews, two Fate Decks, measuring tapes, and a quick-start rules sheet, with a link to download the full version online. The set will sell for $65.

For the more veteran Malifaux players, there's Shifting Loyalties. This book will contain a new campaign format for the game. To supplement that, there's going to be a new Campaign Deck full of upgrades that you can get during the campaign. There's also a Generalist Deck that has all the general upgrades you can take in M2E and Crossroads. Shifting Loyalties will be $45, while the two decks will be $18 each.

For you RPG-lovers, there's a pair of new releases coming up for Through the Breach. The first is Into the Steam, which is going to be full of new options for Fated and Fatemasters. There's also new monsters, pursuits, talents, and much more. From there, we go on to Northern Aggression, which is a new multi-part adventure for your characters in Through the Breach.


And last, but not least, we've got Darkness Comes Rattling. This is a new, cooperative board game that Wyrd will be putting out that isn't set in the same world as Malifaux. This will play between 1 and 6 players.