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Wyrd posts up May Malifaux releases

Wyrd Miniatures has posted up a bunch of releases they've got coming out this month. Check 'em out.

From them to you:

Hope you all enjoy

WYR1051 Pale Rider $35.00
WYR2048 Simulacrum #29 (Avatar McMourning) $35.00
WYR2058 Alternate McMourning $10.50
WYR3054 Union Miner (x3) $20.00
WYR4047 Iggy $9.50
WYR3055 Effigy Doll - Arcanist (Arcane) $10.00
WYR4052 Effigy Doll - Neverborn (Mysterious) $10.00
WYR5070 Effigy Doll - Outcast (Hodgepodge) $10.00