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Wyrd Posts October Newsletter

October is pretty much the perfect month for Wyrd. Malifaux certainly has a Halloween-esque vibe running through it. The company knows it and so has plenty of stuff going on. They've posted up their October newsletter so you can catch a look at what all is happening.

Those there are the releases they have this month. You've got various new kits coming for Malifaux as well as Through The Breach. You can check those out now, as well as a list of what's coming out next month, too.
For those with a desire for contests, there's thre of those running as well. There's the Rotten Harvest painting competition. Then there's the Chronicles Coloring Contest. Finally, there's the October Community Contest. If you head to your LGS, too, you can get an alternate Francisco Ortega mini by spending $60 at the shop.