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Wyrd Posts New Malifaux Release Schedule, Including Gen Con Releases

Wyrd has posted up a new release schedule. There's sets coming out this Friday, then another group coming out 2 weeks later on the 31st. Speaking of the 31st, that's when Gen Con will be going. Wyrd's also posted up what they will have at the show (including some releases coming in August and later) as well as a couple convention exclusives for the show.

While you can check out the various lists of releases, I know most of you are going to be interested primarily in those Gen Con exclusives, so let's dive into those. For general releases, Wyrd will have all of their proposed releases for August and September and a few other pre-releases they're not giving us details on just yet.

As for special sets of models, there's two: They'll have The Dark Carnival, a Nightmare Edition Colette crew as well as Miss Anne Thorpe, an alternative Wastrel figure.

Won't be able to make it to the show? You'll be able to purchase those show exclusives on the Wyrd website during the days of the event.