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Wyrd Posts Monday Preview

Wyrd loves to make Mondays just a little better by having regular previews that day. Well, as today's Monday, that means a preview. This time around, it's a look at the Marksman pursuit for Through the Breach. Marksman Pursuit... sounds like a new spy thriller movie coming out next summer.

From the post:

Another Monday means another preview! Today we are looking at the Marksman pursuit from Above the Law, the upcoming Guild supplement for Through the Breach. Let's learn a little bit about this new pursuit!

The Marksman Pursuit allows a character to focus upon ranged combat - with an emphasis on "ranged" - more than any other Pursuit. While the Gunslinger might throw out a wild flurry of pistol shots and the Boomer might unleash the raw devastation of a powerful shotgun, the Marksman takes a more patient approach by carefully lining up her shots before pulling the trigger.