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Wyrd Posts Monday Malifaux Preview

It'd totally spaced out, but today is the solstice. For those of us here in the Northern hemisphere, there won't be a shorter amount of daylight. Starting tomorrow, we get longer days again (and, you know, it's officially winter). For those in the Southern hemisphere, it's now officially Summer. I might watch The Endless Summer when I get home. That is, if I don't decide to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, which is what I was thinking of when looking at today's Wyrd preview.

Stitched Together

These are the Stitched Together (or "little Oogy-Boogies" as I've dubbed them in my mind). They're Neverborn minions. Unlike the character I am reminded of, it's not so much bugs inside these burlap sacs, but something a bit more gruesome. These little fellows are powerful, but just be careful they don't come apart at the seams.