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Wyrd Posts Monday Malifaux Preview

My dad's side of the family is from South Dakota, centered around Sioux Falls. We'd go there fairly often to see various family members. Many of them lived out on farms in the countryside. Several of them raised pheasants. So it was always something for "city-boy" me to go and spend a day working on a pheasant farm. But I tell you what, those birds could get ornery. So I can see why someone might want to ride their cousins, the chicken, into battle.

Wyrd Games is showing off a trio of renders for new Gremlin Rooster Riders that they'll be coming out with for Malifaux soon. Obviously, they'll be pretty quick and nimble, getting in there for surgical strikes. I can't really see them taking a lot of hits back, though. But we'll have to wait and see.