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Wyrd Posts July Newsletter

We're just over a week into July. There's plenty going on this month and Wyrd Games wants to make sure you know what to expect from them in the upcoming weeks. They've posted up their monthly newsletter knowing you about new releases as well as some updates on various irons they have in the fire.

There's a lot to get out to you. Gen Con is coming up and with it there'll be plenty of events. Some of you may want to use some of the new minis coming out. Wyrd's posted both their July and August expected releases. I'd think it's fair to assume many, if not all of the August releases will be available in Indy. One thing they have said will be there is Ripples of Fate, the new book for Malifaux. Another book coming at Indy is a new Through the Breach expansion book. It's called Into the Bayou (anyone else hear CCR playing?) and it'll bring you new pursuits, items, and allow you to play as a gremlin.

Stay tuned for, I'm sure, a much more detailed list of what Wyrd will be bringing to the show (they tend to make one of those posts a week or two before the show, so you can get your shopping list together).