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Wyrd Posts Easter Sale Deals

Wyrd Games always has a special sale around this time of year. And this year is no different. They've got quite a lot of figures available for special prices, along with alternate-pose minis. But this update also includes changes to their Guilder Store, as well as an announcement about a job opening.

From the announcement:

It's April, which means it's time for another Easter sale!

As we recently announced, we are cutting back on our presales during our sales events, which means that the Easter sale will no longer have early release models. Additionally, as ever, we do not offer discounts to our products during sales: our sales are a chance to get some special edition items directly from Wyrd.

This year is a great sale, offering up a brand new special edition model. Check out all the sales items below, and then press on to find out some other good news at the bottom of this newsletter.