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Wyrd posts announcement about July releases for Malifaux

Wyrd is looking at a delay for the delivery of July releases for Malifaux.

Bayou Gremlins


From the update:

When it rains .. it pours .. and then the tsunami hits and the shark-nado comes along just to join in on the fun and mayhem.

Needless to say we have encountered large delays on our end causing an interruption of product and information to our customers, distributors and the stores they work with. We unfortunately have run into more than our fair share of issues that are out of our control but we are doing everything we can to mitigate the damages for all. The latest snafu has been our very large, fast, and sadly, expensive, shrink wrap machine has died a horrible death and finding competent techs was surprisingly difficult.

In the mean time, we will be working the team over the weekend to make certain that the new releases below are ready to start sending out early Monday morning and we'll be pulling long hours to make certain all distributor orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. Because of the delay we are lifting the street date and these are to be treated as release upon receipt of product. Those furthest out for delivery time will be shipped first so that the product arrives more or less at the same time.

Please once again accept our apologies for these delays as well as delay in communication. We're now off to batten down for the upcoming kraken attack that someone must have inevitably released ...