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Wyrd planning Malifaux RPG Kickstarter campaign

Wyrd has announced they're going to be having a Kickstarter for an RPG version of Malifaux.

As the title implies, the Kickstarter for Malifaux RPG is on it's way! We're extremely excited about how the project is going and this will serve as a boost to both speed the RPG into your hands, but also get you involved earlier.

One of the absolute best things about Kickstarter is our ability to get all of you involved in a project like this at a point that the community can in many ways have a significant impact on the final results. And that is a big reason I'm writing to you all now! Reaching out before the kickstarter is even up helps me even further tailor it to exactly what you might want!

My question to you: What do you want to see included in the kickstarter?

What I mean is what type of special rewards do you want to see available? Obviously you will have the chance to pick up the RPG books through it and other retail associated retail materials, but what else? We've of course come up with a ton ideas, but we don't want to leave out YOUR ideas. So let us know!!