Wyrd Painting Contest: Days of Som’er

Wyrd Miniatures is holding a new painting contest, Days of Som’er.

From their announcement:

Let’s kick this summer off Wyrd-style, with a good old fashion painting contest.

Kicking off today June 7 and ending on July 11, we want to see what you can come up with.

Here are the Categories:

Beach Bodies
Single figure male or female, showing some skin, showing off that tan, or whatever else they got.

Dog Days of Summer
Creatures, critters, beasties and other such animals.

Summer Showdown
Duel, multiple figures, summer related dioramas.

Som’er Vacation
Nothing like vacationing in the Bayous. River, mud, muck, and noodling catfish. If it’s swampy and mossy and smells a bit funny, this is your category. Show us what a Som’er vacation should be.

Malifaux Masters
This is an open category for the best of the best. If you are a previous contest Best Of Show winner, or a staff painter for any miniatures company, this is your category. If you have ever been commisioned for a paint job by a company, had a company buy your miniature for it’s studio piece for their cases, or had your work used to promote a companies miniature, this category is for you. This category is excluded from the Best of Show and Best of Wyrd categories. For serious challenge seekers only.