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Wyrd Miniatures posts up new releases for November

Wyrd has some new Malifaux releases posted up for the month of November as well as a new board game called Kings of Artifice.


From the update:

Kings of Artifice is a competitive, Euro-style game. In Artifice, the player must grow and defend their kingdom with many different types of followers, each with unique abilities and each capable of building different types of structures, from houses, to walls, to a palace. The King is central to the game, directing Villagers, Horses, a Knight, Thief, Artisan, and Warlock to build the most impressive kingdom. Together, they bring the player deep into Artifice with a complete experience that allows different paths to victory depending on the values of the player and the actions of their opponents. Much of this also reflects our background in miniature games, where the player is also given a selection of tools, and it's up to them to figure out how they want to use them to achieve victory.