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Wyrd Miniatures launches Kickstarter for Jetpack Unicorn, their new party game

Wyrd Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Jetpack Unicorn, their new party game.

From the campaign:

Once upon a time, YouTube vloggers Kristina Horner and Joe Homes decided to collaborate by making videos asking each other to choose between the weirdest hypothetical situations we could come up with, in the fashion of standard either-or storytelling. They went online to find some inspiration, and, shockingly, were met with an alarmingly large amount of terrible and bland questions. They took it upon themselves to craft much more interesting and intelligent questions, and had so much fun doing so that they decided they had to find a way to share them with the world. Already being game enthusiasts, it seemed only natural to try to turn this pastime into a party game.