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Wyrd Miniatures announces Iron Painter 2012

Wyrd Miniatures has announced their Iron Painter contest for 2012.

From their contest:

Ladies, gentlemen and anyone in between, Iron Painter is back. We've got a new banner, new MC, new judges, new themes, but that same old fun and iron.

Do you have the endurance and iron to keep up?
Do you want to have fun in the most challenging painting contest on the net?
Do you want a chance at over $1,000 in cash and prizes?

Wyrd has been very generous with the purse and I've set the prizes up as follows:
Please note a Do Not Finish (DNF) in any round will eliminate your eligibility for prizes, except Gift of Gab.

Champion: - $500 cold, hard cash!! (okay, maybe a check or paypal).
2nd place - (you must finish): $50 cash and $50 Wyrd store credit and the memory of forever knowing you came "so close".
High Score! - Highest scoring single round score when contest ends: $50 Wyrd store credit.
I won with that? - At the end of the contest the lowest scoring winner that advanced to next round by defeating an opponent (not by DNF): $50 Wyrd store credit.
Gift of gab: - Best post in any IP8 thread or photo comments: $50 Wyrd store credit (judged solely by my expertise and mastery of wit).
We didn't win, but we had iron! - Six random IP participants that weren't eliminated by DNF and haven't won anything already: each get $50 Wyrd store credit.
Please read the RULES and understand the commitment this contest is so well known for before signing up.

Got iron?

If so, SIGN UP HERE. Please copy the list of names and add yours to the bottom. Sign up will last for a week or so and then we commence the battles. If you are wondering what happened to the man who started it all, the one, the only Supervike ... he'll be nestled up at the JUDGES TABLE this year, watching your every brush stroke and judging you on it. Beware! I'll be the new MC this year and if you have any questions, concerns or gripes, please direct them to me. I'm looking forward to a great contest.